Here We Grow Preschool 2018-2019 DATES TO REMEMBER


Aug. 29                 Parent Orientation, 6:30-7:45 P.M.              
Aug. 30                 Meet the Teachers, 9:30-10:00 A.M.   4-year-olds
Aug. 30                 Meet the Teachers, 10:30-11:00 A.M. 3-year-olds

Sept. 3                  No School- Labor Day               
Sept. 4                  First day of school M-F EXT., T/TH A.M. & P.M & T/W/TH P.M  
Sept. 5                  First day of school for M/W/F A.M. & M/W/F EXT.
TBD                       Apple Orchard Trip- all 2-day groups (in a.m.)
TBD                       Apple Orchard Trip- all 3-day & 5-day groups (in p.m.)
Oct. 2                    Parent Curriculum Night, 6:45 P.M.
Oct. 8                    No school-Columbus Day
Oct.???                  First Fundraiser
Oct. 30                  Halloween Party & Parade for T/TH A.M. & P.M. & T/W/TH P.M.
Oct. 31                  Halloween Party & Parade for M/W/F A.M., EXT. & M-F EXT.


Nov. 12                 No school- Veteran’s Day
Nov. 19                 Feast Day for M/W/F A.M., EXT. & M-F
Nov. 20                 Feast Day for T/TH A.M., P.M. & T/W/TH P.M.
Nov. 20                 No School M-F EXT.
Nov. 21                 11:30 dismissal for M/W/F A.M., EXT. & M-F EXT.
                             NO PM Classes
Nov. 22 & 23         No school- Thanksgiving recess
Dec. 20                 Holiday Programs (times TBD)
Dec. 21                 Holiday Programs (times TBD)
Dec. 24- Jan.1       No School- Holiday Vacation
Jan. 2                    First day back- M/W/F A.M.& EXT., M-F EXT., & T/W/TH P.M.
Jan. 3                    First day back- T/TH A.M. & P.M.
Jan. 21                  No school- Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 29                  No school- Parent Teacher Conferences (5-day EXT. has school)
Feb. 1                   2nd Fundraiser
Feb. 4                    11:30 Dismissal- Parent Teacher Conferences
Feb. 13                  Valentines Party –M/W/F A.M. & EXT.
Feb. 14                 Valentines Party- T/TH A.M., P.M., M-F EXT & T/W/TH P.M.
Feb. 18-22            No school- Winter Vacation
Feb. 28                 2nd fundraiser due
Feb. 28                  Picture Day for T/TH A.M. & P.M. & T/W/TH P.M.


Mar. 1                   Picture Day for M/W/F A.M. & EXT. & M-F EXT.
Mar. 5                   Here We Grow Open House-9:00-11:00
(No regular sessions, staff development)
Apr. 11                  Easter Party T/TH A.M. & P.M. & T/W/TH P.M.
Apr. 12                  Easter Party M/W/F A.M., EXT. & M-F EXT
Apr. 15-19            No school- Spring Vacation
May 6 & 13            All 4-year-olds field trips
May 16                  All 3-year-olds field trip in the A.M.
(5 Day Ext. has school)
May 27                  No school- Memorial Day
June 3                   Spree Day for All
June 4                   Last day of class, T/TH A.M. & P.M. & T/W/TH P.M. (3’s program in classrooms)
June 4                   Day graduation for T/W/TH P.M. Room 3 CLASS
June 5                   Early Release at 11:30- Last day
                             (No p.m. classes)
June 6                   Graduation exercises (times TBD)
June 7                   Graduation exercises (times TBD)
Please note:           Dates are subject to change.
More information to follow on special events.


Possible Summer Program dates: 6/17-21 & 6/24-6/28